The Birth of Runehaven

And so it begins.

Runehaven is a soon-to-be a 200 square foot mobile cabin… the vehicle for a new lifestyle. Think Henry David Thoreau. Think Romani vardo. Think Zen monk. It may be a nomadic life… or not… depending on how often Runehaven takes to the road. Time will tell, adventures await.

Construction began this week. Currently residing about a two-hour drive from where the cabin is being built, I am mostly viewing progress from a stream of photos sent by the builder. It is taking shape quickly and my excitement builds as I watch my new home materialize. I’ve put the past nine months of my life into the design; with a background in architecture, it’s been a thrilling challenge to build a custom life-responsive layout within such a limited envelope. Those of you familiar with the Tiny House Movement are aware that to keep a mobile structure highway-legal (in order to avoid the need for special trip permits during transport), the width limit is 8-1/2 feet, and I opted for a 22′ long design (20′ enclosed, with a 2′ sheltered exterior porch). The project is a co-design, as the starting point was a shape created by the builder. I lengthened it, moved the entry from the side to the end wall, added a balcony and a sheltered porch, and started from scratch with the interior. I’ve left the systems and structural engineering to the builder and focused on the spatial and material aspects.

This blog is to be about Runehaven and the various goings-on there. I hope you will be part of my adventures.

trailer foundation

trailer foundation

ribs of the whale

ribs of the whale


8 thoughts on “The Birth of Runehaven

  1. Congrats! It’s exciting, isn’t it?! My tiny house is half done. I’ll be moving in in December. Do you have an estimated completion date? Wait until you stand in it the first time — it’s MAGIC.

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