The Origin of the Name

Almost from Day 1 of the project, the little cabin was begging for a name. Or maybe that was just me; I have, after all, spent many hours with my nose in books by the likes of Tolkien and Austen, in which the halls, cots, manors, castles, Hobbit holes and lodges tended to have names of their own. Besides, a name adds to the spirit of a place.

Fairly early in the design process, during one of those late nights when my mind would not shut off from its design work to allow me to sleep, the interior aesthetic suddenly fell into place and gave stronger direction to the project. The vision formed of pale birch tongue-and-groove walls and clean, modernist Scandinavian lines and details. A-ha:  Finnish sauna. The size isn’t far off, either. Cranking up the little wood stove could potentially bring the theme to life in all too real a way (not a desirable circumstance, so I’ll go easy on the stoking).

Simultaneously, my interest in Nordic runes was deepening and  dove-tailed with the cabin’s new-found theme via an idea to use runic symbols as a design motif throughout. As the project nears completion or sometime thereafter as time permits, I will be honing my pyrography skills and blazing little runes into the edges of counter tops, shelving and whatever other wood surfaces present themselves. A cabin emblazoned with runes– what more appropriate name could there be than Runehaven?

circle of runestones

While we’re here, I’ll post the latest project photo:




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