Operation Purging and Packing- Phase I

Before I get started with the purging and packing process, here are the latest construction photos:

Purging and packing is something that most people go through when facing a move, but it takes on an entirely new significance when moving into a very small abode. Admittedly, I am going about it in two phases, packing up certain things for now that may or may not fit into the simple living lifestyle, with the understanding that a second purge will happen with anything that does not fit upon move-in. That said, many trips have been made to donation centers thus far, another growing pile is destined for my brother’s neighborhood garage sale this weekend, and this evening’s project is to photograph anything worth putting on Ebay.

Over time and through experience, I have come across some great advice for the purging/clearing process… such as, when trying to decide whether or not to keep an item, pay attention to your initial gut feeling about the object. Does it remind you of a particular person, or a time or event in your life? Is the experience with the person or the event positive or negative? Subconsciously, every time you see this object, it elicits the same emotional response, so for a peaceful home environment, it is important to only house items that have positive associations.

Another gem is to take time before you begin a clearing project to get really clear about what you want your life to look like. Develop a character name or a title for the person you most wish to be. While choosing between the keep and discard piles, ask yourself, “Is this something my Super Self would want or need?” Living like your Super Self brings you that much closer to being that person.

And here’s one more. If you find yourself resisting giving up objects because you value the memories they represent, consider taking photos of the objects (digital photos that do not take up any physical space are a particularly good way to go)– you’ll access the same memories through the photos, and won’t have the residual objects cluttering up your living space.

Keeping things simply because you “might need it later,” is a fear-based pattern. It’s a message to your inner self that “I won’t be able to afford to get another one later if it turns out I need it.” Perhaps a better way to think is in terms of trusting the Universe that you will always have what you truly need– it’s a more pleasant way to think, anyway. Trust tends to draw the good things in life to you. Fear does the opposite.

These books have also been a great personal inspiration in the purging/clearing process:
51LS1iGy9QL._SL160_    41OKcICVkgL._SL160_

Happy clearing!


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