Design Changes

A number of design changes have happened recently with the project, mostly due to a return to the big picture after taking my head largely away from the project to deal with other aspects of life, and subsequently realizing that some of the factors driving earlier design decisions have changed or no longer exist. None of the changes will yet be illustrated by photographs, as the project is poised at a point to move from the exterior envelope to the interior, and is, as such, currently an empty shell.

The earlier version had an RV-inspired dinette just inside the entry, which converted to a guest sleeping space. But the character of this space was defined by an original intention for end-wall windows flooding the space with natural light… which ended up not being feasible due to the building shape. Out of concern that such an important functional space would be less desirable to occupy out of relegation to a somewhat dim corner, a closet and and entry bench have replaced the dinette. And a more flexible ‘lounge’ sitting area (which can still double as a guest sleeping space) occupies the space between the entry zone and the more open central portion of the structure (forming part of a ‘great’ room). Dining now takes place at the end of the galley kitchen, at a location which doubles as desk & workspace (with pull-outs below to stow away the office equipment when not in use).

Because blog posts have happened more sporadically of late, I’ll include the latest construction photos, for those of you who have been asking for updates!


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