Tiny House Gift Guide

Winter Magic by Per Breiehagen

With the year-end holidays approaching, the question arises:  what do you get for someone who lives in 200 square feet or less?… someone who likely does not have the extra square inches of space for this year’s trendiest nicknacks and gadgets?

There are several good options out there. Consider giving the gift of an experience, rather than a material object. Concert tickets, restaurant gift certificates, festival passes, sporting events, and travel vouchers are all fabulous ideas. Take into account your gift recipient’s interests and hobbies– is there a local gathering or convention that she would appreciate attending?

Books are a great option for the avid reader, especially if said bibliophile owns an e-reader such as a Kindle, or an iPad (and if he doesn’t– well, there’s another fantastic gift idea). Good old-fashioned hard-copy books remain a solid classic gift idea as well, even for the Tiny Houser, because of the ease of end-of-use trade-in at a local used book store.

And then there is music… and film… both readily available in digital formats galore, which, like e-books, don’t take up any physical space at all. Grab an iTunes gift card if you’d prefer the recipient make her own media selections.

Tiny Housers:  for those of you who do have a list of ‘wants’ or ‘needs’ for your small abode (or for your life in general), set up an Amazon Wish List and share the link with friends and family so they know what you do actually have (or will make) space for. Mine is here, and I love surprises (wink, wink): http://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/28PBR2MK7ABVV . Be sure to set up your Wish List with a preferred mailing address so would-be gift givers have the option of shipping treasures directly to you (it shows up publicly as a basic city location, so you’ll remain safe from your personal army of stalkers). And Amazon now has a Wish List feature called Wish From Any Website, so you’re not limited to Amazon’s repertoire, vast as it may be. It’s simply a matter of downloading the browser add-on (it was a painless process with Firefox), then clicking on the new Amazon icon in your browser’s tool bar whenever you visit a web page displaying a desired item (it allows you to add notes which will appear in your Amazon Wish List, if you want to specify color, size, desired options, etc.).

Of course, all of these gift-giving ideas apply to celebrations throughout the year, not just Yuletide:  birthdays, anniversaries, just-becauses, and of course Tiny House warmings!

Happiest of Holidays to you! May your home be a place of every warmth and coziness this season, regardless of its size!
Christmas tree snow


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