Construction Photo Update

I’m so excited about the progress happening with the cabin construction! Things are moving quickly now that interior work is progressing. Plumbing and electrical are in and the interior birch tongue-and-groove paneling is partially in place. I’m scrambling on the final items left on my design plate: tile selection, door hardware, bathroom door and various interior hardware items… in addition to the daily decisions made in response to a flow of questions coming from the builder. This morning’s discussion was on the construction of the exterior doors; they’ll be vertical-plank painted fir on the exterior surface, and birch plywood on the interior, to match the birch ply used for most of the cabin’s interior vertical surfaces (the birch T & G, on the other hand, covers the interior curved surfaces, thanks to the boat-like shape of the structure).



birch tongue-and-groove

birch tongue-and-groove

tankless water heater- to be painted black

tankless water heater with pipe cover



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