Getting close…

We’re into the final weeks of construction, and although I don’t yet have many interior photos to share, the final touches are going into place. Flooring installation and cabinets are in progress, and I just ordered the plumbing fixtures for the tub and shower.

Here’s an image from about a week ago, pre-kitchen-counters; the tall cabinet on the left side is a built-in pantry:
interior progress

And here’s a view of the back end of the house, with its “Medicine Wheel” window. I’ll eventually get around to painting the instant hot water heater to something more subtle than bright white. The hatch on the right side is access for the propane tanks.
Medicine Wheel windowI’m presently in the process of seeking a place to put the cabin… either in the northern neighborhoods of Seattle in order to remain with my current job… or through landing a new job on Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula where opportunities for parking tiny cabins are likely easier to come by. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Getting close…

  1. It’s beautiful! You must be so proud and excited! I bought what looks like the same water heater. Did you get advice about placement and mounting? My instructions say 3′ from a window and when I contacted the manufacturer they sidestepped (I understand) but said a lot of housers had successfully installed. Thanks!

    • Thank you! The water heater is a Takagi tkjr2-os; it was recommended by the builder, who has successfully installed this model before. We did decide that the window’s quarter-circle closest to the heater would not be operable (though the lower right and upper left quadrants are). How is your project coming along?

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