A Tribute To The Bell Maker

Front Porch

Front Porch- Zen gong and antlers in place!

Much time has passed since I’ve posted, but a thank-you is long overdue.

I had decided early in the project that a unique “door bell” was in order for such a unique home. Ornate door knockers were considered until the round window motif for the door settled in. I’m a fan of architect Henry Yorke Mann’s work, and upon perusal of some of his project photos, spied an image of a Zen gong in an entry porch and felt something similar would be the perfect way for visitors to announce themselves to Runehaven. Finding a bell/gong maker was not easy, but eventually an Internet search uncovered Silvio the Bell Maker, an artisan in Half Moon Bay, CA. Through some introductory email communication, we agreed that the timing would be perfect for him to craft my gong after his annual Spring desert retreat.

Zen Gong Door Bell with Autumn spider pal

Zen Gong Door Bell with Autumn spider pal

Throughout the transaction, Silvio was a pleasure to do business with. He claimed to be a little too “old school” for Paypal, so when the time came, I called him with payment information and he made a point to head out to the shop to play the bell’s tone for me over the phone– absolutely gorgeous, and I found it even more so in person when it arrived. Silvio is also “old school” when it comes to providing charming and solid customer service, not to mention the fact that my “door bell” stands as evidence of his superlative craftsmanship. For anyone interested in his work, he can be found at www.imakebells.com. Thank you, Silvio, for your stunning contribution to my home!


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