American dream? Mine is a little different.

My name is Mishal Garofano, and I the owner and resident of a 200 square foot hand-crafted mobile cabin called Runehaven.

Henry David Thoreau is one of my heroes. His life and work are, in part, what led me to leave a relatively ‘normal’ existence practicing architecture for a more off-the-beaten-path current lifestyle. Perhaps ironically, I had included a Thoreau quote in the cover essay of the application that gained me admittance to the University of Washington’s School of Architecture & Urban Development, so I suppose things often come full circle in an interesting way. Life has since been steadily taking me, step by step, more deeply into a life of intentional simplicity. The experience continues to teach me more truly useful lessons than I could have imagined.

It has been said that, with the exception of humans, nothing in Nature takes more than it needs. For me, it has become important to explore this idea on a personal level. Everything, of course, is relative. There are many on this planet throughout history to whom 200 square feet might seem quite decadent. But even if you are of the opinion that living in a home the size of a standard American bathroom or walk-in closet is tipping the scales toward insanity, together we can explore ways to bring more meaning and breathing space into our daily lives by shedding the excesses and taking a close look at the choices we make with regard to how we spend the moments of our days…

… Or maybe you just secretly (or not so secretly) have always wanted to live in a tree house or a Hobbit hole– this is your chance to live vicariously through these Tales from Runehaven.


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